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A Lifetime of Learning

Youth ministers have innumerable ways to express their delight in Christ and His glory. One of those ways is learning about Him, His kingdom, and His ministry for a lifetime.

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The Point of Youth Ministry

Christ is the founder of youth ministry, the goal of youth ministry, and the one who should shape youth ministry. Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch say it this way: “It

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Youth Leaders and King Jesus

The National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR) sent shock waves through the youth ministry world. This in-depth and trustworthy research project discovered that the faith of most church teenagers

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Challenge and Adventure

During worship early each morning, I post something to Twitter and Facebook. What I post usually is a thought that arises during my time in Scripture and prayer. Sometimes that

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Terminated Youth Ministers

Being terminated might be one of the most stressful and painful experiences a youth minister can have. If you have been terminated or you fear you may be, here are

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Rewiring Your Brain

God designed and created the cosmos, designed and created the human being, and designed and created the Bible. Since the same infinite mind created all three, it is entirely predictable

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Tenure and Turnover in Youth Ministry

Gregg Makin did a PhD dissertation titled “Understanding the Turnover Intentions of Youth Pastors.” His study sought to answer the question: What contributes to youth minister turnover where they thinking

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