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The purpose of UPlink is for youth pastors from around the state to link up to share resources, encouragement, and knowledge with one another. We have developed two different options for youth ministers and their teams to receive good training and resources. Our goal in both of these options is to bring quality speakers, create quality relationship, and develop quality youth ministers.

UPlink Online is a great resource for youth pastors across the state. UPlink Online consists of blogs, podcasts, training articles, and videos that are meant to equip and encourage you in your ministry.

YMlink is providing four opportunities to get practical, intensive training that can be applied to your ministry. Each year we will bring in different speakers to train and equip youth ministers and their team of leaders. We will offer this event in four locations throughout the year. At UPlink On the Road you will also have the opportunity to network with other youth pastors from across the state!