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Resolutions and Revolutions

In 2014, I celebrated two decades as youth ministry prof at New Orleans Seminary.  Any time there is a zero at the end of an anniversary, a birthday, or ministry

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The ever-accurate Wikipedia defines volunteerism as “The involvement of volunteers especially in community service or with a non-profit organization.” The U.S.A. has a history of volunteerism. The earliest Americans got

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Sports Chaplaincy

This is a difficult post for me.  For most of the time I have been in ministry, I have been involved with ministry to sports teams.  I have a game

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Don’t Forget to Play

I have an internet class for the first time, which is both terrifying and ironic.  When you have an internet class as an instructor, it never lets you clock out. 

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Accountability is one of those words that has lost its meaning through overuse.  It is a helpful concept, but it may have been over spiritualized with “accountability partners,” “accountability groups,”

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What Are You Reading?

Each year I go to Metro Youth Ministers meeting which is a meeting of large church youth ministers.  Every year, they ask me to present my “Top Ten Reading List”

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An Army of One

An Army of One. I was always a little confused about the slogan that the U.S. Army used back in the day. Aside from the biblical story of David and

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Continuing Education

As you plan your celebrations for your seniors who are graduating from preschool, middle school, high school or college, ask yourself: “Is it time you progressed towards a cap and

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