Category: Spiritual Growth

We Need Revival

“As long as we are content to live without revival, we will.” –Leonard Ravenhill We as student pastors have such an incredible job. We get to experience camp, mission trips,

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Something Big

When are you significant? When you accomplish something “big” for God, or When you rest in grace, serve faithfully, and leave the results to the King. From time to time

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The Spiritual Disciplines

Bill Hull widely is respected as a leader in the field of discipleship. He says, “The common teaching is that a Christian is someone who by faith accepts Jesus as

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The Youth Leader as a Parent

Children tend to become lifetime disciples when they live with parents who love Jesus, exude Jesus, talk about Jesus, and connect like Jesus. Each of these five factors merits careful

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Teenagers, Revival, and You

Awakening is a church saturated with the supremacy of Christ by the Spirit of Christ. God floods His church with fresh hope, passion, prayer, and mission by refocusing believers on

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It’s The Heart

Baptists are big on behavior. And behavior matters for the kingdom. Behavior can propel the kingdom forward and behavior can thwart kingdom expansion. But behavior is not the primary focus

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Morning Worship

I am a spiritual baby in prayer. I lost decades in inconsistent morning worship, rushed prayer, or morning quiet times that seemed like a task list. I intend to spend

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