UPlink on the Road



Speaking the Gospel Fluently: “The Gospel” is a biblical term used in our churches every week, and it’s a message that should be abundantly present in our conversations. But is it a term we rightly understand? Is it a message we rightly communicate? And do we utilize the most effective methods in sharing that message? Jesus, and the New Testament authors, provide numerous examples of effective gospel communication. In this session, we will discuss the advantages of employing a conversational method of evangelism contrasted against a memorized presentation.

Maximizing Our Small Group Gatherings: Pedagogy is a term referring to the method and practice of teaching a subject or concept. In our churches, we tend to teach the way we were taught. Our small group times are often marked by lengthy lectures or reading from a script. Some group leaders accomplish this well. Others may struggle to find a comfortable approach to leading group discussions effectively. In this session, we will discuss practical ways to maximize the effectiveness of group gatherings that not only meet the immediate needs of the moment, but can also carry forward until the next time the group can join together.

Why Bother: Have you ever thought that what you’re doing doesn’t matter? Do you ever look at ministry outside of the walls of the church and think…why even bother? In this session, we will discuss why ministry that takes place in our communities (outside of the church walls) are important to the ministry of the entire church.

Introducing YM+: YM+ is an approach to disciple making developed from challenges faced from COVID-19. For many student ministries, discipleship relied on weekly, in-person gatherings. When the ability to gather was reduced, spiritual growth lessened. YM+ is on-demand weekly Scripture study available online through Google Classroom. Rather than separating students by age or grade, participants place themselves into one of four stages corresponding to their spiritual journeys in Christ. The weekly Scripture is the same across all stages, but the responsive challenges increase with each progressive stage. The entire platform is adaptable to your particular student ministry. And best of all, IT’S FREE.